The Competition


The ODYSSEY competition consists of two rounds, total of four events in different areas that test the business aptitude of participants while helping them improve their leadership and teamwork abilities.

Game: Business Simulation Game

Thousands of students begin their ODYSSEY during the Fall of 2017 in teams via a rigorous and well-rounded virtual simulation game ran by Interpretive Simulations.   The qualifier is realistic and challenging, students enjoy.  Registration times will be posted in September.  Knowledge partner: Interpretive Simulations


Empires don’t just happen overnight. They are built over time by visionaries and

leaders, which are the hallmarks of every great entrepreneur. The entrepreneurial pitch is your team’s opportunity to show how you would start to build your own business empire.

Teams will have 3 to 4 minutes to present and 2 minutes of Q&A from the judges.

Teams will be scored by the following criteria: originality, feasibility, presentation style and opportunity for investment.

Battle of Troy – NEGOTIATIONS

Troy is known to us all as one of the great love stories. Helen’s kidnap by Paris, Prince of Troy, led to the moment called “the face that launched a thousand ships!”

The Greek forces, led by King Menelaus (husband of Helen) sieged Troy for many years with no decisive result in sight. Finally, the Greeks appeared to sail away but not before they left a large wooden horse in their place. The Trojans, assuming this horse was a tribute to them, brought it into the city gates, only to have Greek soldiers come out of it at night and take the city from within.

Out of the box thinking, strategy and cunningness will be required to win the Negotiation round.

The Battle of Salamis – SALES & MARKETING PITCH

Building an empire is only a first step, you will have challenges along the way.

Marketing and sales are the most important skills in running a business, yet often underrated or in the case of sales sometimes not taught in many MBA programmes.

The Battle of Salamis is regarded as one of the key battles in history, where the Greeks fought off a Persian invasion and swung the Persian-Greek war back into Greece’s favour. Likewise, its importance in history mirrors the importance of marketing and sales in the business world.

Each team will have 1 month to prepare their sales & marketing pitch, based on the background/parameters we give on a particular product. Pitches should be no longer than 4 minutes and there will be Q&A from the judges.